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How to build umtsmon from source
You need to have QT version 3 installed, including the development libs and
tools. Usually these are packages called qt-devel and such.
At this moment, umtsmon will not compile with QT4,
See the corresponding bug on sourceforge.
You need to have the header files for libusb installed. Some systems
such as OpenSUSE have this in a package called libusb-devel.
Make sure that you also have the related development tools installed: you
should have a directory with 'uic', 'qmake' and 'moc' in your search path.
Alternatively, you might want to call qmake with the full path and it will
adjust the Makefile to list full paths to the other binaries.
Also, the environment variable QTDIR should exist, nowadays usually something
like /usr/lib/qt3.
Steps to build & install:
tar xzvf <umtsmonfile.tar.gz>
cd <umtsmondirectory>
make clean all
make install
The make install will install the umtsmon application by default in
The above will build and install umtsmon.
During the build process, it will also build and install the
translations automatically.
Translation files end in .qm and by default are installed in:
Config file location:
umtsmon uses a configuration file in ~/.umtsmon/umtsmonrc .
If this file does not exist, it will be created.