umtsmon is a tool to handle UMTS (3G) devices in Linux This is a port to TDE from
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Thanks for giving umtsmon a try. umtsmon is a tool to handle UMTS (3G) devices in Linux.

At this moment, umtsmon is still a work in progress.

umtsmon 0.10 is a huge improvement over previous releases:
* UI starts immediately and starts worrying about devices later
* add support for HSO devices
* autoconnect
* and many smaller improvements, like improved logging, more info in system info dialog,
updated translations, add support for Ericsson F3507g, etc.

Known major bugs:
* umtsmon cannot perform autodetection correctly on some 2.6.20 Linux kernels.
* umtsmon doesn't work at all with bluetooth right now.
* the UI feels sluggish sometimes

Anyway, we hope you find this program useful.

NOTE for people using ZeroCD devices (usually on USB ports),
as supplied by Huawei or Option, umtsmon now should
find usb_modeswitch if it is in your path and use it.
If you don't have usb_modeswitch, please find it here:

Klaas van Gend and the umtsmon team