You can retrieve various data from Weblate in machine readable format.

RSS feeds

To follow translation progress you can use RSS feeds, detailing all important translation changes.

Project URL Link
applications RSS
applications/abakus RSS
applications/amarok RSS
applications/basket RSS
applications/bibletime RSS
applications/desktop-effects-tde RSS
applications/digikam RSS
applications/dolphin RSS
applications/filelight RSS
applications/gtk-qt-engine RSS
applications/gwenview RSS
applications/k3b RSS
applications/k3b - device RSS
applications/k3b - lib RSS
applications/k3b - setup RSS
applications/k3b - tdefile RSS
applications/k3b - tdeio-videodvd RSS
applications/k9copy RSS
applications/kaffeine RSS
applications/kasablanca RSS
applications/katapult RSS
applications/kbarcode RSS
applications/kbfx RSS
applications/kbibtex RSS
applications/kbiff RSS
applications/kbookreader RSS
applications/kchmviewer RSS
applications/kcm-autostart RSS
applications/kcm-ldap RSS
applications/kcm-ldapcontroller RSS
applications/kcm-ldapmanager RSS
applications/kcpuload RSS
applications/kdbg RSS
applications/kdiff3 RSS
applications/kdiff3 - diff_ext RSS
applications/kdiff3 - plugin RSS
applications/kdirstat RSS
applications/kdpkg RSS
applications/kdpkg - install RSS
applications/keep RSS
applications/kerberostray RSS
applications/kerry RSS
applications/kerry - kcm RSS
applications/kftpgrabber RSS
applications/kgtk-qt3 RSS
applications/kile RSS
applications/kima RSS
applications/kiosktool RSS
applications/kkbswitch RSS
applications/klcddimmer RSS
applications/kmplayer RSS
applications/kmyfirewall RSS
applications/kmyfirewall - systray RSS
applications/kmymoney RSS
applications/knemo RSS
applications/knemo - kcm RSS
applications/knetload RSS
applications/knetstats RSS
applications/knetworkmanager8 RSS
applications/knights RSS
applications/knmap RSS
applications/knowit RSS
applications/knutclient RSS
applications/koffice RSS
applications/koffice - chalk RSS
applications/koffice - example RSS
applications/koffice - karbon RSS
applications/koffice - kchart RSS
applications/koffice - kexi RSS
applications/koffice - kformdesigner RSS
applications/koffice - kformula RSS
applications/koffice - kivio RSS
applications/koffice - koconverter RSS
applications/koffice - kofficefilters RSS
applications/koffice - koproperty RSS
applications/koffice - koshell RSS
applications/koffice - kounavail RSS
applications/koffice - kplato RSS
applications/koffice - kpresenter RSS
applications/koffice - kscan_plugin RSS
applications/koffice - kscreenshot_plugin RSS
applications/koffice - kspread RSS
applications/koffice - kspreadcalc_calc RSS
applications/koffice - kspreadinsertcalendar RSS
applications/koffice - kthesaurus RSS
applications/koffice - kugar RSS
applications/koffice - kword RSS
applications/koffice - tdefile_abiword RSS
applications/koffice - tdefile_gnumeric RSS
applications/koffice - tdefile_koffice RSS
applications/koffice - tdefile_ooo RSS
applications/koffice - thesaurus_tool RSS
applications/konversation RSS
applications/kooldock RSS
applications/kopete-otr RSS
applications/kpicosim RSS
applications/kpilot RSS
applications/kplayer RSS
applications/kpowersave RSS
applications/krecipes RSS
applications/krename RSS
applications/krusader RSS
applications/krusader - tdeio-krarc RSS
applications/krusader - tdeio-virt RSS
applications/kscope RSS
applications/ksensors RSS
applications/kshowmail RSS
applications/kshutdown RSS
applications/ksquirrel RSS
applications/kstreamripper RSS
applications/ksystemlog RSS
applications/ktechlab RSS
applications/ktorrent RSS
applications/kvirc RSS
applications/kvirc - about RSS
applications/kvirc - dcc RSS
applications/kvirc - editor RSS
applications/kvirc - filetransferwindow RSS
applications/kvirc - logview RSS
applications/kvirc - mediaplayer RSS
applications/kvirc - notifier RSS
applications/kvirc - options RSS
applications/kvirc - perl RSS
applications/kvirc - perlcore RSS
applications/kvirc - sharedfileswindow RSS
applications/kvirc - theme RSS
applications/kvirc - torrent RSS
applications/kvkbd RSS
applications/kvpnc RSS
applications/kxmleditor RSS
applications/mplayerthumbs RSS
applications/piklab RSS
applications/potracegui RSS
applications/qalculate-tde RSS
applications/rosegarden RSS
applications/smb4k RSS
applications/soundkonverter RSS
applications/tastymenu RSS
applications/tde-style-baghira RSS
applications/tde-style-baghira - bab RSS
applications/tde-style-baghira - kmenuapplet RSS
applications/tde-style-baghira - sessionapplet RSS
applications/tde-style-baghira - starter RSS
applications/tde-style-baghira - twin RSS
applications/tde-style-domino RSS
applications/tde-style-lipstik RSS
applications/tde-style-qtcurve RSS
applications/tde-systemsettings RSS
applications/tdedocker RSS
applications/tdeio-apt RSS
applications/tdeio-ftps RSS
applications/tdeio-gopher RSS
applications/tdeio-locate RSS
applications/tdeio-sword RSS
applications/tdeio-umountwrapper RSS
applications/tdenetworkmanager RSS
applications/tdepowersave RSS
applications/tderadio RSS
applications/tderadio - alsa-sound RSS
applications/tderadio - convert-presets RSS
applications/tderadio - gui-docking-menu RSS
applications/tderadio - gui-error-log RSS
applications/tderadio - gui-quickbar RSS
applications/tderadio - gui-standard-display RSS
applications/tderadio - lirc RSS
applications/tderadio - oss-sound RSS
applications/tderadio - radio RSS
applications/tderadio - recording RSS
applications/tderadio - soundserver RSS
applications/tderadio - streaming RSS
applications/tderadio - timecontrol RSS
applications/tderadio - timeshifter RSS
applications/tderadio - v4lradio RSS
applications/tdesudo RSS
applications/tdesvn RSS
applications/tdmtheme RSS
applications/tellico RSS
applications/tork RSS
applications/tork - applet RSS
applications/wlassistant RSS
applications/yakuake RSS

Per language RSS feeds are also available, you can construct them by appending a language code to the above URLs.


Translation statistics for every component in the JSON format allows you to use the data in other websites or tools.

Project URL Link
applications/abakus View
applications/amarok View
applications/basket View
applications/bibletime View
applications/desktop-effects-tde View
applications/digikam View
applications/dolphin View
applications/filelight View
applications/gtk-qt-engine View
applications/gwenview View
applications/k3b View
applications/k3b - device View
applications/k3b - lib View
applications/k3b - setup View
applications/k3b - tdefile View
applications/k3b - tdeio-videodvd View
applications/k9copy View
applications/kaffeine View
applications/kasablanca View
applications/katapult View
applications/kbarcode View
applications/kbfx View
applications/kbibtex View
applications/kbiff View
applications/kbookreader View
applications/kchmviewer View
applications/kcm-autostart View
applications/kcm-ldap View
applications/kcm-ldapcontroller View
applications/kcm-ldapmanager View
applications/kcpuload View
applications/kdbg View
applications/kdiff3 View
applications/kdiff3 - diff_ext View
applications/kdiff3 - plugin View
applications/kdirstat View
applications/kdpkg View
applications/kdpkg - install View
applications/keep View
applications/kerberostray View
applications/kerry View
applications/kerry - kcm View
applications/kftpgrabber View
applications/kgtk-qt3 View
applications/kile View
applications/kima View
applications/kiosktool View
applications/kkbswitch View
applications/klcddimmer View
applications/kmplayer View
applications/kmyfirewall View
applications/kmyfirewall - systray View
applications/kmymoney View
applications/knemo View
applications/knemo - kcm View
applications/knetload View
applications/knetstats View
applications/knetworkmanager8 View
applications/knights View
applications/knmap View
applications/knowit View
applications/knutclient View
applications/koffice View
applications/koffice - chalk View
applications/koffice - example View
applications/koffice - karbon View
applications/koffice - kchart View
applications/koffice - kexi View
applications/koffice - kformdesigner View
applications/koffice - kformula View
applications/koffice - kivio View
applications/koffice - koconverter View
applications/koffice - kofficefilters View
applications/koffice - koproperty View
applications/koffice - koshell View
applications/koffice - kounavail View
applications/koffice - kplato View
applications/koffice - kpresenter View
applications/koffice - kscan_plugin View
applications/koffice - kscreenshot_plugin View
applications/koffice - kspread View
applications/koffice - kspreadcalc_calc View
applications/koffice - kspreadinsertcalendar View
applications/koffice - kthesaurus View
applications/koffice - kugar View
applications/koffice - kword View
applications/koffice - tdefile_abiword View
applications/koffice - tdefile_gnumeric View
applications/koffice - tdefile_koffice View
applications/koffice - tdefile_ooo View
applications/koffice - thesaurus_tool View
applications/konversation View
applications/kooldock View
applications/kopete-otr View
applications/kpicosim View
applications/kpilot View
applications/kplayer View
applications/kpowersave View
applications/krecipes View
applications/krename View
applications/krusader View
applications/krusader - tdeio-krarc View
applications/krusader - tdeio-virt View
applications/kscope View
applications/ksensors View
applications/kshowmail View
applications/kshutdown View
applications/ksquirrel View
applications/kstreamripper View
applications/ksystemlog View
applications/ktechlab View
applications/ktorrent View
applications/kvirc View
applications/kvirc - about View
applications/kvirc - dcc View
applications/kvirc - editor View
applications/kvirc - filetransferwindow View
applications/kvirc - logview View
applications/kvirc - mediaplayer View
applications/kvirc - notifier View
applications/kvirc - options View
applications/kvirc - perl View
applications/kvirc - perlcore View
applications/kvirc - sharedfileswindow View
applications/kvirc - theme View
applications/kvirc - torrent View
applications/kvkbd View
applications/kvpnc View
applications/kxmleditor View
applications/mplayerthumbs View
applications/piklab View
applications/potracegui View
applications/qalculate-tde View
applications/rosegarden View
applications/smb4k View
applications/soundkonverter View
applications/tastymenu View
applications/tde-style-baghira View
applications/tde-style-baghira - bab View
applications/tde-style-baghira - kmenuapplet View
applications/tde-style-baghira - sessionapplet View
applications/tde-style-baghira - starter View
applications/tde-style-baghira - twin View
applications/tde-style-domino View
applications/tde-style-lipstik View
applications/tde-style-qtcurve View
applications/tde-systemsettings View
applications/tdedocker View
applications/tdeio-apt View
applications/tdeio-ftps View
applications/tdeio-gopher View
applications/tdeio-locate View
applications/tdeio-sword View
applications/tdeio-umountwrapper View
applications/tdenetworkmanager View
applications/tdepowersave View
applications/tderadio View
applications/tderadio - alsa-sound View
applications/tderadio - convert-presets View
applications/tderadio - gui-docking-menu View
applications/tderadio - gui-error-log View
applications/tderadio - gui-quickbar View
applications/tderadio - gui-standard-display View
applications/tderadio - lirc View
applications/tderadio - oss-sound View
applications/tderadio - radio View
applications/tderadio - recording View
applications/tderadio - soundserver View
applications/tderadio - streaming View
applications/tderadio - timecontrol View
applications/tderadio - timeshifter View
applications/tderadio - v4lradio View
applications/tdesudo View
applications/tdesvn View
applications/tdmtheme View
applications/tellico View
applications/tork View
applications/tork - applet View
applications/wlassistant View
applications/yakuake View

As an example, fetching stats for all translations in one component can be done thusly:

curl \
    -H "Authorization: Token yCGB0CaPRdHxNmxJ4WdBN4waZMSJSLG0L1q4eF4I" \
Project URL Link
applications Hook
applications/abakus Hook
applications/amarok Hook
applications/basket Hook
applications/bibletime Hook
applications/desktop-effects-tde Hook
applications/digikam Hook
applications/dolphin Hook
applications/filelight Hook
applications/gtk-qt-engine Hook
applications/gwenview Hook
applications/k3b Hook
applications/k3b - device Hook
applications/k3b - lib Hook
applications/k3b - setup Hook
applications/k3b - tdefile Hook
applications/k3b - tdeio-videodvd Hook
applications/k9copy Hook
applications/kaffeine Hook
applications/kasablanca Hook
applications/katapult Hook
applications/kbarcode Hook
applications/kbfx Hook
applications/kbibtex Hook
applications/kbiff Hook
applications/kbookreader Hook
applications/kchmviewer Hook
applications/kcm-autostart Hook
applications/kcm-ldap Hook
applications/kcm-ldapcontroller Hook
applications/kcm-ldapmanager Hook
applications/kcpuload Hook
applications/kdbg Hook
applications/kdiff3 Hook
applications/kdiff3 - diff_ext Hook
applications/kdiff3 - plugin Hook
applications/kdirstat Hook
applications/kdpkg Hook
applications/kdpkg - install Hook
applications/keep Hook
applications/kerberostray Hook
applications/kerry Hook
applications/kerry - kcm Hook
applications/kftpgrabber Hook
applications/kgtk-qt3 Hook
applications/kile Hook
applications/kima Hook
applications/kiosktool Hook
applications/kkbswitch Hook
applications/klcddimmer Hook
applications/kmplayer Hook
applications/kmyfirewall Hook
applications/kmyfirewall - systray Hook
applications/kmymoney Hook
applications/knemo Hook
applications/knemo - kcm Hook
applications/knetload Hook
applications/knetstats Hook
applications/knetworkmanager8 Hook
applications/knights Hook
applications/knmap Hook
applications/knowit Hook
applications/knutclient Hook
applications/koffice Hook
applications/koffice - chalk Hook
applications/koffice - example Hook
applications/koffice - karbon Hook
applications/koffice - kchart Hook
applications/koffice - kexi Hook
applications/koffice - kformdesigner Hook
applications/koffice - kformula Hook
applications/koffice - kivio Hook
applications/koffice - koconverter Hook
applications/koffice - kofficefilters Hook
applications/koffice - koproperty Hook
applications/koffice - koshell Hook
applications/koffice - kounavail Hook
applications/koffice - kplato Hook
applications/koffice - kpresenter Hook
applications/koffice - kscan_plugin Hook
applications/koffice - kscreenshot_plugin Hook
applications/koffice - kspread Hook
applications/koffice - kspreadcalc_calc Hook
applications/koffice - kspreadinsertcalendar Hook
applications/koffice - kthesaurus Hook
applications/koffice - kugar Hook
applications/koffice - kword Hook
applications/koffice - tdefile_abiword Hook
applications/koffice - tdefile_gnumeric Hook
applications/koffice - tdefile_koffice Hook
applications/koffice - tdefile_ooo Hook
applications/koffice - thesaurus_tool Hook
applications/konversation Hook
applications/kooldock Hook
applications/kopete-otr Hook
applications/kpicosim Hook
applications/kpilot Hook
applications/kplayer Hook
applications/kpowersave Hook
applications/krecipes Hook
applications/krename Hook
applications/krusader Hook
applications/krusader - tdeio-krarc Hook
applications/krusader - tdeio-virt Hook
applications/kscope Hook
applications/ksensors Hook
applications/kshowmail Hook
applications/kshutdown Hook
applications/ksquirrel Hook
applications/kstreamripper Hook
applications/ksystemlog Hook
applications/ktechlab Hook
applications/ktorrent Hook
applications/kvirc Hook
applications/kvirc - about Hook
applications/kvirc - dcc Hook
applications/kvirc - editor Hook
applications/kvirc - filetransferwindow Hook
applications/kvirc - logview Hook
applications/kvirc - mediaplayer Hook
applications/kvirc - notifier Hook
applications/kvirc - options Hook
applications/kvirc - perl Hook
applications/kvirc - perlcore Hook
applications/kvirc - sharedfileswindow Hook
applications/kvirc - theme Hook
applications/kvirc - torrent Hook
applications/kvkbd Hook
applications/kvpnc Hook
applications/kxmleditor Hook
applications/mplayerthumbs Hook
applications/piklab Hook
applications/potracegui Hook
applications/qalculate-tde Hook
applications/rosegarden Hook
applications/smb4k Hook
applications/soundkonverter Hook
applications/tastymenu Hook
applications/tde-style-baghira Hook
applications/tde-style-baghira - bab Hook
applications/tde-style-baghira - kmenuapplet Hook
applications/tde-style-baghira - sessionapplet Hook
applications/tde-style-baghira - starter Hook
applications/tde-style-baghira - twin Hook
applications/tde-style-domino Hook
applications/tde-style-lipstik Hook
applications/tde-style-qtcurve Hook
applications/tde-systemsettings Hook
applications/tdedocker Hook
applications/tdeio-apt Hook
applications/tdeio-ftps Hook
applications/tdeio-gopher Hook
applications/tdeio-locate Hook
applications/tdeio-sword Hook
applications/tdeio-umountwrapper Hook
applications/tdenetworkmanager Hook
applications/tdepowersave Hook
applications/tderadio Hook
applications/tderadio - alsa-sound Hook
applications/tderadio - convert-presets Hook
applications/tderadio - gui-docking-menu Hook
applications/tderadio - gui-error-log Hook
applications/tderadio - gui-quickbar Hook
applications/tderadio - gui-standard-display Hook
applications/tderadio - lirc Hook
applications/tderadio - oss-sound Hook
applications/tderadio - radio Hook
applications/tderadio - recording Hook
applications/tderadio - soundserver Hook
applications/tderadio - streaming Hook
applications/tderadio - timecontrol Hook
applications/tderadio - timeshifter Hook
applications/tderadio - v4lradio Hook
applications/tdesudo Hook
applications/tdesvn Hook
applications/tdmtheme Hook
applications/tellico Hook
applications/tork Hook
applications/tork - applet Hook
applications/wlassistant Hook
applications/yakuake Hook

As an example, telling Weblate to pull from a remote repository can be done thusly:

curl \
    -d operation=pull \
    -H "Authorization: Token yCGB0CaPRdHxNmxJ4WdBN4waZMSJSLG0L1q4eF4I" \

Weblate also supports direct notifications from several code hosting sites:

Hosting site URL Note
GitHub Browse the documentation for detailed instructions
GitLab Browse the documentation for detailed instructions
Bitbucket Browse the documentation for detailed instructions
Pagure Browse the documentation for detailed instructions
Azure Repos Browse the documentation for detailed instructions
Gitea Browse the documentation for detailed instructions