<p>This simple setup assistant is able to set the permissions needed by K3b in order to burn CDs and DVDs. <p>It does not take things like devfs or resmgr into account. In most cases this is not a problem but on some systems the permissions may be altered the next time you login or restart your computer. In those cases it is best to consult the distribution documentation.<p><b>Caution:</b> Although K3bSetup 2 should not be able to mess up your system no guarantee can be given.

Things to check

Trailing stop

Source and translation do not both end with a full stop


Source Translation
No related strings found in the glossary.

Source information

Source string location
Source string age
a year ago
Translation file
sv/messages/k3bsetup.po, string 3
Failing checks

Multiple failing checks

The translations in several languages have failing checks