KexiPropertyEditor and FormDesigner
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This application version is distributed with KOffice suite.
Rakenduse seda versiooni levitatakse kontoritööpaketi KOffice koosseisu.
(c) 2002-2007, Kexi Team
(c) 2003-2007, OpenOffice Polska LLC
(c) 2002-2007: Kexi meeskond
(c) 2003-2007: OpenOffice Polska LLC
This software was developed by Kexi Team - an international group
of independent developers, with additional assistance and support
from the OpenOffice Polska company and now maintained by the TDE team.

Visit the company Home Page:
Selle tarkvara arendajaks on Kexi meeskond - rahvusvaheline
sõltumatute arendajate rühm, keda on toetanud ja abistanud
firma OpenOffice Polska.

Firma kodulehekülg:
Project maintainer & developer, design, KexiDB, commercially supported version, win32 port
Projekti hooldaja ja arendaja, disain, KexiDB, kommertsversioon, win32 port
Former project maintainer & developer
Projekti endine hooldaja ja arendaja
KexiPropertyEditor and FormDesigner
Kexi omaduste redaktor ja vormikujundaja
PostgreSQL database driver, Migration module
PostgreSQL andmebaasi draiver, migreerumismoodul
Contributions for MySQL and KexiDB, fixes, Migration module, MDB support
MySQL ja Kexi andmebaasi arendamine, parandused, migreerumismoodul, MDB toetus
Scripting module (KROSS), Python language bindings, design
Skriptimoodul (KROSS), Pythoni keele seosed, disain
Graphics effects, helper dialogs
Graafika, abidialoogid
Former developer
Endine arendaja


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