KexiPropertyEditor and FormDesigner
Context English German (Low) State
This application version is distributed with KOffice suite.
Dit Programm warrt tosamen mit de KOffice-Ümgeven verdeelt.
(c) 2002-2007, Kexi Team
(c) 2003-2007, OpenOffice Polska LLC
(c) 2002-2006, De Kexi-Koppel
(c) 2003-2006, OpenOffice Polska LLC
This software was developed by Kexi Team - an international group
of independent developers, with additional assistance and support
from the OpenOffice Polska company and now maintained by the TDE team.

Visit the company Home Page:
Dit Programm wöör vun de Kexi-Koppel schreven - en internatschonaal
Koppel mit nich afhangen Programmschrievers, mit Hülp un Ünnerstütten
vun den Bedrief "OpenOffice Polska".

Besöök maal den Bedrief sien Nettsiet:
Project maintainer & developer, design, KexiDB, commercially supported version, win32 port
Projektpleger un Programmschriever, Utsehn, KexiDB, warflich ünnerstütt Verschoon, win32-Ümsetten
Former project maintainer & developer
Verleden Projektpleger un Programmschriever
KexiPropertyEditor and FormDesigner
Egenschappeneditor vun Kexi un Kiekwark-Maker
PostgreSQL database driver, Migration module
PostgreSQL-Datenbankdriever, Utlagernmoduul
Contributions for MySQL and KexiDB, fixes, Migration module, MDB support
Bidrääg för MySQL un KexiDB, Fehlerrichten, Utlagernmoduul, MDB-Ünnerstütten
Scripting module (KROSS), Python language bindings, design
Skriptmoduul (KROSS), Python-Toornen, Utsehn
Graphics effects, helper dialogs
Grafikeffekten, Hülp-Dialogen
Former developer
Verleden Schriever




English German (Low)
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