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diff --git a/audiofile_artsplugin/ b/audiofile_artsplugin/
index 367e64d3..66a24bef 100644
--- a/audiofile_artsplugin/
+++ b/audiofile_artsplugin/
if test "x$kde_has_audio_lib" = "xyes"; then
- dnl LDFLAGS in case it's in KDEDIR/lib
+ dnl LDFLAGS in case it's in TDEDIR/lib
[Define if you have libaudiofile (required for playing wavs with aRts)])
diff --git a/ b/
index e63d3beb..0228d19d 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -383,7 +383,7 @@ AC_DEFUN([KDE_CHECK_MPEGLIB_ARTS],
dnl build search PATH
- artsc_config_test_path=$prefix/bin:$exec_prefix/bin:$KDEDIR/bin:$PATH
+ artsc_config_test_path=$prefix/bin:$exec_prefix/bin:$TDEDIR/bin:$PATH
dnl if we found it here set variable
@@ -536,7 +536,7 @@ if test "x$with_akode" != xno; then
AC_PATH_PROG(ARTSCCONFIG, artsc-config, no, $artsc_config_test_path)
if test "x$build_arts" = "xyes" && test "x$ARTSCCONFIG" != "xno" ; then
diff --git a/doc/artsbuilder/midi.docbook b/doc/artsbuilder/midi.docbook
index 611b457c..2fd3b4fa 100644
--- a/doc/artsbuilder/midi.docbook
+++ b/doc/artsbuilder/midi.docbook
@@ -436,7 +436,7 @@ the instrument, they have to be called
and reside either in your Home Folder, under <filename
class="directory">$<envar>HOME</envar>/arts/structures</filename>, or in the
&kde; folder under <filename
-class="directory">$<envar>KDEDIR</envar>/usr/local/kde/share/apps/artsbuilder/examples</filename>. Structures
+class="directory">$<envar>TDEDIR</envar>/usr/local/kde/share/apps/artsbuilder/examples</filename>. Structures
that are used by the map can either be given with an absolute path, or
relative to the folder the map file resides in.
diff --git a/doc/kmid/index.docbook b/doc/kmid/index.docbook
index ed6fdfec..bcfaecb1 100644
--- a/doc/kmid/index.docbook
+++ b/doc/kmid/index.docbook
@@ -1316,7 +1316,7 @@ you had one (but you'll get no music, of course :-( ).
I've included some examples that are installed in <filename
diff --git a/doc/kscd/index.docbook b/doc/kscd/index.docbook
index 70d7d0d4..0b817241 100644
--- a/doc/kscd/index.docbook
+++ b/doc/kscd/index.docbook
@@ -635,7 +635,7 @@ additional information you provide may be added to the existing entry.</para>
<para>By default, &kscd; installs the standard <acronym>CDDB</acronym>
-categories in <filename class="directory">$KDEDIR/share/apps/kscd/cddb</filename>. You can create as
+categories in <filename class="directory">$TDEDIR/share/apps/kscd/cddb</filename>. You can create as
many category subfolders as you like. However, when uploading, only the
official <acronym>CDDB</acronym> categories are displayed. The default upload
address is <email></email>. For more information about
diff --git a/doc/noatun/index.docbook b/doc/noatun/index.docbook
index 4803a36b..f967ef40 100644
--- a/doc/noatun/index.docbook
+++ b/doc/noatun/index.docbook
@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ the skin-installer that can be found in the preferences-dialog of
can not guess everything you can still follow these commands if installation
of a certain skin failed:</para>
-<screen><prompt>%</prompt> <userinput><command>cd</command> <filename class="directory">$KDEHOME/share/apps/noatun</filename></userinput>
+<screen><prompt>%</prompt> <userinput><command>cd</command> <filename class="directory">$TDEHOME/share/apps/noatun</filename></userinput>
<prompt>%</prompt> <userinput><command>mkdir</command> <option>kjskins</option></userinput> (if needed)
<prompt>%</prompt> <userinput><command>cd</command> <option>kjskins</option></userinput>
<prompt>%</prompt> <userinput><command>mkdir</command> <option>new_skin</option> ; <command>cd</command> <replaceable>new_skin</replaceable></userinput>
@@ -222,7 +222,7 @@ standard &noatun; toolbar.
You can install new skins by, in
-<filename class="directory">$KDEHOME/share/apps/noatun/skins/winamp</filename>,
+<filename class="directory">$TDEHOME/share/apps/noatun/skins/winamp</filename>,
creating a folder for them, and then unzipping the skin in there. <trademark>Winamp</trademark>
skin files with the extension <literal role="extension">.wsz</literal> can be treated
as normal zip files. You may have to rename them first, however, to be
diff --git a/kaudiocreator/TODO b/kaudiocreator/TODO
index a53851e9..eb7fd005 100644
--- a/kaudiocreator/TODO
+++ b/kaudiocreator/TODO
@@ -16,4 +16,4 @@ Plugin system for encoders (user friendly things, again use audiocd plugin syste
If possible restart jobs that have failed.
Enhance kdedirs kcontrol config dialog to let users specify global kde temp dir
- Tmp files are stored in $KDEHOME/tmp-$HOST/appname
+ Tmp files are stored in $TDEHOME/tmp-$HOST/appname
diff --git a/kfile-plugins/theora/kfile_theora.h b/kfile-plugins/theora/kfile_theora.h
index a1d05bfd..8747d837 100644
--- a/kfile-plugins/theora/kfile_theora.h
+++ b/kfile-plugins/theora/kfile_theora.h
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@
#define __KFILE_THEORA_H__
- * Note: For further information look into <$KDEDIR/include/kfilemetainfo.h>
+ * Note: For further information look into <$TDEDIR/include/kfilemetainfo.h>
#include <kfilemetainfo.h>
diff --git a/kmid/kmid.spec b/kmid/kmid.spec
index b46753ae..f935df16 100644
--- a/kmid/kmid.spec
+++ b/kmid/kmid.spec
@@ -19,12 +19,12 @@ It also has a keyboard view to see the notes played by each instrument
-export KDEDIR=/opt/kde
+export TDEDIR=/opt/kde
make all
-export KDEDIR=/opt/kde
+export TDEDIR=/opt/kde
make install