path: root/debian/wheezy/metapackages
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Removed Debian/wheezy folderMichele Calgaro2014-04-1729-2340/+0
* Finish renaming kiconedit->tdeiconedit on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2014-02-081-0/+6
* Update remaining metapackages on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2014-01-158-21/+28
* Switch package format to quilt on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2013-12-283-3/+3
* Fix removing diverts from renamed packages on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2013-12-032-35/+0
* Fix checks preliminary versions in dependencies on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2013-09-172-8/+8
* Use xz compression for source files of remaining packages on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2013-09-164-0/+14
* Fix former service and diverts in rename-meta on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2013-09-153-1/+93
* Rename tdelibs4-* to tdelibs14-* on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2013-08-282-3/+3
* Rename tdelibs4c2a to tdelibs14 to indicate major ABI version changeTimothy Pearson2013-08-261-1/+1
* Added further renamed packages to rename-meta on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2013-07-231-213/+328
* Rename smokeqt -> smoketqt on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2013-07-231-0/+12
* Fix unintended renames in rename-meta on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2013-07-201-12/+0
* Fix unregistration kdm-trinity as the default display manager in rename-meta ...Slávek Banko2013-07-205-1/+1
* Rename kpowersave-nohal package in Debian and UbuntuTimothy Pearson2013-07-081-0/+6
* Add rename-meta package to Debian and Ubuntu packagingTimothy Pearson2013-06-217-0/+1304
* Add trinity-keyring metapackage on Debian and UbuntuSlávek Banko2013-06-191-0/+1
* Rename kde to tde in meta-tde on DebianSlávek Banko2013-06-167-32/+39
* Fix references to kdessh in Debian and Ubuntu packagingTimothy Pearson2013-05-291-1/+1
* Fix remaining metapackage references to kgtkTimothy Pearson2013-05-091-1/+1
* Update Debian and Ubuntu packaging with the latest renaming in GITTimothy Pearson2013-01-271-1/+1
* Update Debian and Ubuntu packaging to match recent renamingTimothy Pearson2013-01-261-2/+2
* Update Debian and Ubuntu metapackages with third-party toolkit integration pa...Timothy Pearson2013-01-161-1/+1
* Use xz compression for Debian and Ubuntu source filesSlávek Banko2012-12-131-2/+2
* Use xz (or bzip2) compression for Debian and Ubuntu binary packagesSlávek Banko2012-12-112-1/+7
* Add Debian metapackage and move the Kubuntu metapackage to the correct locationTimothy Pearson2012-11-259-0/+767
* Split wheezy off of squeezeTimothy Pearson2012-09-109-0/+50