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* Renaming of files in preparation for code style tools.Michele Calgaro2020-12-061-1/+0
* Followup on previous commit to drop qt-messages.pot file.Michele Calgaro2019-08-091-17/+2
* qt -> tqt conversion:Michele Calgaro2018-09-271-2/+2
* Rename kde.pot to tde.potTimothy Pearson2014-09-281-4/+4
* Rename kdewidgets => tdewidgetsSlávek Banko2013-12-231-1/+1
* Additional k => tde renaming and fixesSlávek Banko2013-09-031-4/+4
* Rename remnant files and references from kinit -> tdeinit.Darrell Anderson2013-05-171-1/+1
* Rename additional header files to avoid conflicts with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-02-151-1/+1
* Rename a number of libraries and executables to avoid conflicts with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-01-271-1/+1
* Rename a number of libraries and executables to avoid conflicts with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-01-261-11/+11
* Rename kde-config to tde-configTimothy Pearson2012-02-261-1/+1
* Additional renaming of kde to tdeTimothy Pearson2011-11-161-9/+9
* Additional kde to tde renamingTimothy Pearson2011-11-061-4/+4
* Revert automated changestpearson2011-01-071-7/+7
* Automated conversion for enhanced compatibility with TQt for Qt4 3.4.0 TP1tpearson2011-01-031-7/+7
* Deactivate kdemm completelytpearson2010-09-021-1/+1
* * Large set of SuSE patches to fix bugs and add functionalitytpearson2010-09-021-1/+1
* Added new central krandr library to handle everything related to dynamic scre...tpearson2010-04-281-1/+1
* kdelibs update to Trinity v3.5.11tpearson2009-12-111-1/+1
* Copy the KDE 3.5 branch to branches/trinity for new KDE 3.5 features.toma2009-11-251-0/+116