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* Renaming of files in preparation for code style tools.Michele Calgaro2020-12-063-3/+3
* Removed code formatting modelines.Michele Calgaro2020-09-271-1/+0
* Improved code for tderandr rotation string to allow translation in tdebase. T...Michele Calgaro2020-08-084-27/+26
* Revert "Allow extraction of strings for rotations in tderandr"Michele Calgaro2020-08-071-4/+4
* Allow extraction of strings for rotations in tderandrSlávek Banko2020-08-071-4/+4
* Removed explicit usage of the 'register' keyword.Michele Calgaro2020-01-301-1/+1
* LIB_QT -> LIB_TQT conversion to align to updated admin moduleMichele Calgaro2018-09-171-1/+1
* Fix wrong options to xrandr in tderandrRoman Savochenko2015-12-121-1/+1
* Bring up, down, top, and bottom icons into XDG complianceTimothy Pearson2014-10-131-2/+2
* Bring stop, lock, exit, and run icons into XDG complianceTimothy Pearson2014-10-121-1/+1
* Add a cmake detection for Xext libraryFrançois Andriot2014-10-081-1/+1
* Add end-of-file newlines.Darrell Anderson2013-11-301-1/+1
* Fix saving display config when Gamma is not supported by xrandrFrancois Andriot2013-05-241-10/+20
* Properly fix getting file name with ICC configurationSlávek Banko2013-05-151-18/+4
* Cleanup output clutter.Darrell Anderson2013-05-061-1/+1
* Cleanup output clutterSlávek Banko2013-04-271-5/+5
* Rename additional header files to avoid conflicts with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-02-153-5/+5
* Rename common header files for consistency with class renamingTimothy Pearson2013-02-142-2/+2
* Rename a few build variables for overall consistencyTimothy Pearson2013-01-292-24/+24
* Rename a number of libraries and executables to avoid conflicts with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-01-272-2/+2
* Rename a number of libraries and executables to avoid conflicts with KDE4Timothy Pearson2013-01-2612-0/+4440