15 Commits (master)

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Slávek Banko 0f27805eed
DEB pyrex: Added to repository. 2 months ago
Michele Calgaro bad411472a
Backported commits 5f3f392a and fb66774e from upstream. This solves upstream issues 3040. 4 months ago
Slávek Banko eaaea17529
DEB uncrustify-trinity: version updated directly in debian/changelog instead of as a quilt patch. 5 months ago
Michele Calgaro edf588bf3a
DEB uncrustify-trinity: updated version number. 5 months ago
Michele Calgaro 69a1eb8293
DEB uncrustify-trinity: backported commit 64d93e3fb from upstream git 5 months ago
Michele Calgaro 008bc84f75
DEB uncrustify: backported commit 45681e88 from upstream git repository. This fixes FTBFS on ppcel and armxx archs. 5 months ago
Michele Calgaro cb0c4615f7
DEB uncrustify: fixed usage message. 5 months ago
Slávek Banko 243aa916cf
DEB uncrustify: allow build on older distributions. 5 months ago
Michele Calgaro 7f3c5d7e3e
DEB uncrustify: customize as uncrustify-trinity. 5 months ago
Michele Calgaro 112ca8677b
DEB uncrustify: added first version of uncrustify-trinity. This is basically the upstream 0.72.0 version of uncrustify, repackaged. 5 months ago
Slávek Banko b37f44d6c7
DEB pinetry-tqt: Add pinentry built separately only as pinentry-tqt. 6 months ago
Slávek Banko ca54da3228
DEB transcode: Fix FTBFS due to deprecated symbols sys_nerr and sys_errlist in glibc >= 2.32. 7 months ago
Slávek Banko 8c7c7c0d22
DEB: Add a .gitignore file to ignore the generated source packages. 7 months ago
Michele Calgaro 884c8093d6
Added debian extra dependency packages. 8 months ago
Michele Calgaro 14e1aa2006
Initialize the repo. 8 months ago