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ktgk-qt3 - allows to use TDE dialogs in Gtk apps

This is an LD_PRELOAD hack that allows most GTK applications to use Trinity's file dialogs when run under TDE.

It overrides the gtk file chooser functions to communicate with this TDE module/application.

kgtk-qt3 is composed of the following pieces:

  1. An application called kdialogd.
  2. LD_PRELOAD libraries that are used to override the Gtk2 and TQt3 file dialogs.

Start an application using the following command to use the functionality:

kgtk-wrapper <application>

kgtk-wrapper determines whether it is a Gtk2 or TQt3 application and then sets the LD_PRELOAD environment variable to point to the approriate kgtk library. When the application tries to open a file dialog, the kgtk library intercepts this and asks kdialogd to open a file dialog instead. There will only ever be one instance of kdialogd, and all apps communicate with the same instance - and it terminates itself 30 seconds after the last Gtk/TQt app has disconnected. This timeout can be changed by editing kdialogdrc and setting/changing




If you wish to contribute to kgtk-qt3, you might do so:

Translations status


Translations status