KRename – powerful batch renamer
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  46. KRename is a batch renamer or a mass renamer, how it is called by a few people, for KDE. A batch renamer takes a list of files and renames them all at once using a given set of expressions. KRename has lot's of features which makes the renaming easier.
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  49. First of all there is the powerful GUI with two GUI modes: One mode (called wizard-mode) is for first time KRename users witch only want to do simple tasks and the other mode (called tabbedmode) shows the full power of KRename and allows you to do allmost everything with your filenames. But there is much more than only the GUI. KRename supports all of the great KDE technologies, like KIO-Slaves, which allow to rename files almost everywhere (on ftp:// servers, over fish:// or on smb:// shares), DCOP, giving you easy scripting access to KRename, and the powerful KDE file plugins. Thanks to the file plugins of KDE, KRename can access information, such as the interpret of a mp3 or ogg file or the creation date of a jpeg image.
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  52. And of course there is support for simple stuff like converting a filename from upper case to lower case, adding to a number to a filename or doing simple find and replace on filenames. Finally KRename comes with an undo function so that you do not break anything while playing with KRename.
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  54. <p><h3>Documentation</h3></p>
  55. <p>The complete KRename handbook ist available as PDF file and can be downloaded from <a href=""></a>.</p>
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