1613 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Slávek Banko 83d02c95a1
cmake: Avoid double generating of dcop/tests files. 1 week ago
  Chris 34aa72861f Fix missing button icons in dialogs. 2 weeks ago
  Chris 82f2aa6b13 Add icon to switch language menu entry. 1 month ago
  Chris e098e4600f Add TQt branding to Qt ones for designer files. 1 month ago
  Michele Calgaro 8b66a5759a
Fixed type in LIBRESSL usage. This relates to a comment made on issue #28. 1 month ago
  Slávek Banko a2ad929640
Fix SSL initialization for OpenSSL >= 1.1. 2 months ago
  Michele Calgaro ec74ee4d12
Removed .lsm files. lsm database is outdated and unmaintained. 2 months ago
  Chris 7187b99712 Fix ordered list tag. 3 months ago
  Michele Calgaro d3119bb794
Fixed missing update of mime comment in refreshed KFileItem. This 3 months ago
  Chris 038c996bec Replace Qt branding with TQt ones. 3 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 952fb56241
Followup on previous commit to drop qt-messages.pot file. 3 months ago
  Chris 2e055ab5ed Remove now unneeded *.pot file. 3 months ago
  Slávek Banko 1074eb0336
Security: remove support for $(...) in config keys with [$e] marker. 3 months ago
  Chris 38198900a4 Fix translations of "TDE Classic" for ar, bn, hi, ta and te languages. 3 months ago
  Slávek Banko 298bd920d1
CMakeL10n: Extract strings from tdeabc/scripts/entrylist 3 months ago
  Chris 9768cf120a Fix branding of TDE Classic style in tdestyle selection. 3 months ago
  Chris 90562f7b8a Replace Qt branding with TQt ones. 3 months ago
  Anton Repko dd36ea0a09
Fix incorrect translations of language names. 3 months ago
  Chris 0e071064b9 Fix remaining brandings in tdelibs and adopt to modern age. 4 months ago
  Anton Repko eeb8782f05
Fix incorrect translations of language names. 3 months ago
  Michele Calgaro edcf1665f0
Removed sync dbus call code in tdenetworkmanager to align to latest 3 months ago
  Slávek Banko e1ef15d04d
Fix small typo in prior commit. 4 months ago
  Chris e53c04d5d3 Update and promote new TDE websites, replace branding and do slight refactoring. 4 months ago
  Chris 894e9e5e87 Replace Qt branding with TQt ones. 4 months ago
  Slávek Banko 960a08e853
Fix typos in texts. 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 11935291c7
Normalized names of devices to avoid unintentional mixed used of icons from different 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 887996538a
Renamed icons related to encrypted drives in a better way and removed 5 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 95ee524a54
Updated to latest mediamanager dcop interface. 5 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 2cc912450d
Added TQStringVariantMap to dcop known types. 5 months ago
  Michele Calgaro aaaf378033
Adjusted to use new TQStringVariantMap type. 5 months ago
  Michele Calgaro bf68342793
Reworked code for eject/mount/unmount operations to support new TDEStorageOpResult return type. 5 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 7214a7b6b5 tdehw: code restructuring for tdestoragedevice. 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro c76553c4fb
tdehw: TRUE/FALSE --> true/false renaming. 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 32566accda tdehw: avoid crashing kded when using udisks/udisks2 to operate on 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 09835dceb7
tdehw: improved code for mount table. 4 months ago
  Slávek Banko 114ecc8283
tdeiso_info: Fix incorrect tool description. 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 7fcf24fa4e
Extended kcharset API with new utility function. 5 months ago
  TDE Gitea eb7df4e162 Reset submodule main/tdelibs/cmake to latest HEAD 5 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 352c8f6a21
Adjusted to latest TQVariant::TQVariant(bool) function. 5 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 080948356f
Adapted to latest dbus-1-tqt version (TQT_DBusObjectPath inheriting from TQString). 6 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 536cfddc84
Use new function TQT_DBusData::getAsVariantData() instead of local 6 months ago
  Mavridis Philippe 86fea6f5c5 Added some checks in KSSL (in TDEIO) to correctly recognize LibreSSL (which is a fork of OpenSSL 1.0.1b) 6 months ago
  Slávek Banko dadafca880
Fixed moc inclusion after last changes in dbus-1-tqt. 6 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 0e7f9b8db1
Added timestamp to debug backend (kdDebug, kdWarning, ...). 6 months ago
  TDE Gitea 732ca8a6ec Reset submodule main/tdelibs/cmake to latest HEAD 7 months ago
  Slávek Banko 8fc2a6ca26
Fix CMake build dependencies for tests. 8 months ago
  Michele Calgaro b956734b51
Update Kate syntax highlight files from 8 months ago
  Slávek Banko dfe3c9649f
tdehwlib: Fix the flag setting whether the storage device contains the file system. 8 months ago
  Slávek Banko 8a859540c3
Use system libdir when searching for dynamically loaded libraries. 8 months ago
  Michele Calgaro c49ee53043
Fixed support for logind power state calls. 8 months ago