2353 Commits (198114ef2005178ae2bdaf526da46bc8ce167c2e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  TDE Gitea 198114ef20 Reset submodule main/tdebase/cmake to latest HEAD 2 months ago
  Slávek Banko 886f149652
Add previous release notes to the documentation. 3 months ago
  Slávek Banko 587abbad86
Fix bad section for FocusStealingPreventionLevel value in twinrc. 3 months ago
  Michele Calgaro aede7a6309
Do not start KJobViewer by default. 3 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 723a64cee0
r14-xdg-update: make sure files tested by TEST9 are fixed at the next login. Improve feedback messages for the user. 3 months ago
  TDE Gitea 21e12c2a90 Reset submodule main/tdebase/cmake to latest HEAD 3 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 7fc8b6ed3d
Adjusted to new tde- branding in tdesycoca. See commit TDE/tdelibs 9cd27dba. Relates to bug 3083. 3 months ago
  Matías Fonzo 5ae691eb44
migratekde3: Refresh script (a bit) to be accorded with the changes made for the starttde and the r14-xdg-update script 3 months ago
  TDE Gitea 5499505b47 Reset submodule main/tdebase/cmake to latest HEAD 3 months ago
  Matías Fonzo 09a76446bb
r14-xdg-update: Enhance script location, replace bashishm, minor changes 3 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 6cfa9a1253
Make sure to use default file manager when opening medias from kdesktop icons. 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro a430111b10
Added logic for selection of default file manager from TCC. 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro d4b559f918
Fixed handling of RMC -> Actions -> Open terminal here. 4 months ago
  Slávek Banko 0215a0e712
Fix units of battery values in Device Manager. 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 2948d1cdf7
Security: remove support for in KRun which could have allowed execution of malicious code. This is similar to issue TDE/tdelibs#45 for .desktop files. 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro ca57a59e95
Renamed release_notes to tde_release_notes. 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 98addc546e
Added GUI in TCC -> TDE Components -> Default Applications for selection of default file manager. Subsequent commits will ensure this option is used throughout TDE. This refers to bug 1904. 4 months ago
  Matías Fonzo ed1d5dea33
release_notes: Use the same method to get the release version (as starttde), minor adjustments 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 720d6434da
Added a few more translations to Logic games. 4 months ago
  Chris 34e1f08590 Menu: Add German translation for "Logic Games" category. 4 months ago
  Gregory Guy 0be8e71c97
Add few icons for the sub-menu "Logic Games". 4 months ago
  Matías Fonzo 60df3fb90f krdb: Replace the shell process with the specified program, saving resources 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 8b269b0658
Fixed handling of alternative terminal application in MiniCli. 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 4ce5ad8c3c
Fixed handling of KDesktop -> Right click -> Open Terminal Here... when 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 6949aae9ce Added GUI option to show/hide "Open in Terminal" inside QuickBrowser menus. 4 months ago
  Matías Fonzo b5f293f943 starttde: Enhance startup script location 4 months ago
  Matías Fonzo c7474d81e9 starttde: Replace -nt operator (bashishm) with a portable solution 5 months ago
  Matías Fonzo 0b11285d0b starttde: Fix trailing ], outside test 5 months ago
  Matías Fonzo b2c04ad8be starttde: Fix bashisms 5 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 1bc47b3d82
Corrected comment description of new keyboard LED sync option in tdm config. 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 6281d6f87b
Corrected comment description of new keyboard LED sync option. 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro dc13aa3ccc
Removed kerry related code. 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro f16b630348
Removed beagle related code. 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro be1c4f22fa
Added option in TCC -> System Administration -> Logic Manager -> 4 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 1fbb6ee8cd
Updated Device Monitor name in system menu to match the one used in the 5 months ago
  Michele Calgaro e9f503cdb8
mediamanager always get started at TDE startup. Therefore the module is no longer available in TCC->TDE Components->Service Manager->Startup Services for enable/disable at startup. 5 months ago
  Roman Savochenko 28771943f7
tdeprint: autostart of KJobViewer is now controlled by a .desktop file. 5 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 8250c8e423
Removed explicit usage of the 'register' keyword. 5 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 234e466e0e Additional fixes for XDG folder support. 5 months ago
  Michele Calgaro fddff79d21 Improved support for XDG folders without requiring xdg-user-dirs to be installed. 5 months ago
  Michele Calgaro f8a93efe76 Removed kxdglauncher which is now no longer required. 5 months ago
  Matías Fonzo b52ef67d4a
Redirect some headers noticed by the compiler 5 months ago
  Matías Fonzo 67fe6d2e73
Added missing header in ksysguard/ksysguardd/Linux/netstat.c 5 months ago
  Chris bd4492dc54 Synchronize German translation of web pages with the rest. 5 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 6b70b67b4b
Use xdg-user-dirs to detect XDG variables instead of kxdglauncher. This relates to issue TDE/tdelibs#60. 5 months ago
  Slávek Banko b496ee27b9
CMakeL10n: Extract konsole schemas and keytabs directly from definition 6 months ago
  Chris 0128cf22d9 Synchronize German translation of cursor with the rest. 6 months ago
  Chris d86083e73b Improve German translation for kicker_config. 6 months ago
  Chris 0f43811380 Fix too long German comment in kcmcrypto. 6 months ago
  Chris cac760f0c2 Clean up, improve and fix konq-plugins desktop files. 6 months ago